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A lifetime of Love, Life and Creative Pursuits

Joy and I met on the evening of December 27, 1986, 

The moment I stepped into Joy's house our lives changed. We fell in love and quickly discovered there were many other things we shared in common; our faith and our love of the arts.


Joy was an accomplished vocalist and I was producing plays in the Philadelphia theatre scene.


Within a matter of months, we were living together and producing concerts with our newly created jazz band, WYUM Radio.


David's Career 

When Joy and I had a child my focus turned

to a career in non-profit development. 


Starting with a development consulting firm called The Development Center, I eventually joined Drexel University's 

Annual Fund as Assistant Director, then Director of

Annual Giving. I eventually transferred  to the College of Media Arts and Design as Director of Admission, where

Joy and I studied film and video production.  


We were commissioned 30 times by Drexel University

over twenty years, to produce a variety of documentary

and promotional video content.


Joy and I also produced our own series of personal

documentaries and dramatic films.

Joy's Career

After performing at the Show Boat Casino, I had a chance to go to Istanbul to perform at the Teran

Palace's  Q Club. After returning, I was changed.

by the experience. I was truly closer to my God.

A few years later, I was waiting in my doctor's office, leafing through a woman's magazine. 

I came across an article, When My Mother Stopped Loving Me.

I was brought to tears and realized it was my story.

The loss of love was staggering. My Journey, My Salvation is my personal testimony of how I survived.

I hope it can be an encouragement to others.

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